Bedlam ... but my life is pretty good all the same!

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Date: 21 March 2006 02:55:00

It has been a completely bizarre day .... really!

So far it's gone like this ....

10pm Monday night the gas hammer starts on the roadworks below my house .... they're resurfacing the road and bridge ... in a harbour valley .... and it echoes ... loudly ... A LOT!!!!

Various beeps, tweeps, clangs, bashes and other noises continue throughout the night. Miss Lisa is not a happy girl Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning
6am I have bags under my eyes. I NEVER have bags under my eyes. I am NOT HAPPY!

7am Turn on the news to see that Innisfail (Nth Queensland) has not had a good time during the Category 5 Cyclone ... basically, it's pretty much flat ... and there will be no Australian bananas for a little while. On the up side, nobody was killed or seriously injured, thank you God.

8:10am leave for 15min drive to work ... doing well, have not walked into a doorway as yet, a sign that I'm not as tired as I feel.

9:10am arrive at work .... yes that's right, an HOUR later

9:15am reminding oneself that it's just a long drive to work, I still have my house, my car, my job .... get over myself please!

10:20 Deeleea emails with invitation to important ceremony at 12noon, to which I reply I will be there! ... .....

11:15 receive phone call. Caller: Are you open today? Miss Lisa: Yes C: How many girls do you have working today? ML: (thinking comment slightly odd) who's calling please? C: My name is Sam ... actually, I'm Sam's cousin he comes in all the time. ML: (with rest of office pricking up ears) Who do you think you're calling? C: An escort agency ... do I have the wrong number? ML: (calmly) yes you do, goodbye ....

11:30 Miss Lisa leaves office to enjoy ceremony (through gritted teeth if necessary)

1:30 Miss Lisa returns to office, having enjoyed ceremony greatly, highly amused by antics of children belonging to various participants, and intends to have a good NORMAL day for the rest of the day - PLEASE GOD!!!!

Thank you .... I will now go and eat some chocolate.