of shopping and swimming pools ...

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Date: 27 March 2006 03:56:25

Did I mention I'm in love? Just wanted to put it out there again ... I'm just slightly excited about it :)

anyhoo ....

The weather is getting progressively cooler at night though still managing to hit 30C during the day, which is great, but means the pool temperature is starting to head downwards. It's been pretty much stuck on 26C for the last 3 months which is lovely for wallowing but not so great for doing laps ... and when you have a backyard pool that's long enough to do laps in it's very hard to resist ... so I am pleased on the one hand that the temp is now down to 22C, which is a fabulous lap swimming temp, but a little sad on the other, as it means that summer is drawing to a close. Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons, and I just revel in the beautiful bright days, cool breezes and nippy nights, but this Summer has been very special so it's a little sad to see it leave.

That said, next Summer is going to be very special too, so I guess i should keep looking forward with anticipation.

As for the shopping ... well, there were no shoes involved (except the ones I was wearing of course ... green, flat, very comfy!) but I did have a lot of fun in IKEA on Sunday! 50% off! EXCELLENT! I have had my eye on some beautiful fabric for about 12 months now and, because i wanted to buy quite a lot of it, I've been holding off and moaning about it to The Valkyrie (my usual IKEA shopping partner) ... so Sunday, with 50% off, I bought 15metres! Now I just have to summon up the motivation to do the chair covering and slip cover making ..... ah well, it's gorgeous and it's mine, I guess I can give myself a day or two to just look at it!

Back to work, the BroBoss has given himself a long weekend and I am archiving at a furious rate - very satisfying!