Prayers for Chucky's Third Wife

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Date: 05 April 2006 07:17:48

A friend, recently arrived from England, who shares a name with P.Chuck's current wife (hence, Chucky's Third Wife), has just been rushed to hospital after suffering a major fit. She has just started a new job, luckily with a client of ours, so they were able to contact us and the ChileGirl has gone up to the hospital to stay with her until she's discharged. She has no past history of fits of any kind and apparently has 'lost' the last 24 hours + vital items like her current address etc - hopefully they will all return - and again, luckily (or not, if you believe in Divine Intervention!) the Chilegirl knows her address so will be able to take her home when she's released from Emergency.

If you can send up a few prayers that'd be great, she has friends here that she has spent quite a bit of time with, so shouldn't feel completely alone in a strange country, but it's a long long way from home when you're not well. Thanks!