of burning

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Date: 03 August 2008 07:58:12

yep, I burnt some stuff today ... the start of burning the HUGE pile of branches I've pruned over the last month. Don't get me wrong, I"m as green as the next person, and I'd LOVE to put these branches out for the council to mulch or haul off to the Green Waste Depot ... except they don't, and they don't ... so burning it is ... and you may know from previous posts that I do enjoy a good bit of firemaking :)

We had a relaxing day, I'm cooking a citrus poppy seed cake at the moment (should be orange, but couldn't be bothered juicing the orange so used lemon juice from a bottle and zest of the orange - tastes the same!), and Mr Tasmania is off talking to the Dandelion about Archery equipment - his school is having a mini-Olympics on Friday (as I imagine most schools on the planet are, come to think of it!)

And now, I'm going to go and make a cup of tea and read the paper! ... and with excellent timing Mr Tasmania has just driven back in, so I might even make him a cup of coffee :)