Not shoes ... but definitely Hardware!

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Date: 10 April 2006 04:01:04

Yes, I have been shopping .... and there were no shoes involved. Actually, that's not quite true, obviously I WORE shoes, and I must admit to swinging by the Birkenstock Shop in Chatswood ... but it was a brief relationship and we've decided not to take it any further at present.

So, what did I buy? I bought two outdoorsy, warmish, jackets (at a combined price that was less than the normal price of one of them - yay for a good sale!). I also went to M.A.C. at Myer (a Department Store for those who are not locals ... not my locals anyway ... ie you're not in Sydney .... oh, you know what I mean!). Anyhoooooooo .... spent up BIG ... yes BIG BIG BIG ... decided if buying one eyeshadow, why not buy four? And get a mascara? and some foundation while I'm at it? and need a new eyeliner as well! ... Managed to stop myself before it got completely out of control but was a close thing!

And why was I buying makeup you may ask? Because my hair is now a different colour ... darker, shorter, thanks to The Amazon ... so of course I need new makeup ... ask the girls, they'll understand!

I did buy hardware too .... for the house mainly, but it was still fun ... i have no problems spending other peoples money! A big bin, door mats, secateurs, light bulbs .... I could have spent more ... luckily I didn't take much money with me :)

I love hardware shops

My name is Miss Lisa and I'm a hardwareaholic.