2 sleeps to go .....

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Date: 12 April 2006 00:09:24

It's very quiet in the office just now ... but I think it's the calm before the storm ... Ming and The Netballer (our two designers) are both having Thursday and Tuesday off (Easter hols - yay!) which means that next Tuesday the BroBoss is in the office all by his little old self ... and we have a heck of a lot of work to get out today ......

Personally, I'm just trying to get all the odd bits and pieces of things off my desk, make sure all my lists are up to date, get the archiving done, empty all the paper bins, make sure the filing is up to date, chase up clients who owe us money (neverending that one ... and guess which faith the clients who are the worst payers belong to?), as well as trying to pack, leaving my house in a fit state to come back to, following up on house things, getting my eyelashes tinted (v. important!), buying a battery for one of my cameras ('cause they don't have batteries in Tasmania? good grief, what is up with my brain!), and tonight I'm babysitting :)

Actually, that will be quite nice, the babysitting, as the Wunderkind will be in bed when I get there (or soon after) and he's a pretty good sleeper once he's gone to sleep ... so I'll just sit down, read my book, find my Bono book (which the BroBoss has had for nearly 6 months!) so I can give it to Mr Tasmania to read, and ... oooo ... I don't know .... phone somebody?

Bring on Thursday night I say!