Over it.

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Date: 12 April 2006 04:08:21

Pardon my while I vent a tad.

I am over clients who are wishy washy.

I am over clients who do not pay attention to what they are told at initial briefings.

I am over clients who attempt to get out of paying bills by saying 'the work wasn't what we wanted' (we've had two in the last two weeks)

I am over clients who receive an invoice, two statements, and a reminder call, and THEN suddenly decide the work wasn't what they wanted (same two clients).

I am over the fact that these clients (and the majority of those who make me chase them down to pay us money for jobs done in good faith) are CHRISTIAN or Christian owned (this does not include a certain religious organisation of my acquaintance, for those in Oz, they are most definitely in the good books at present!).

I am over Christians letting the side down.

I am over Christians buying into the mediocrity of the world.

I .... AM ..... OVER IT!!!

thank you for your time.