Random thoughts of Tasmanian experiences

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Date: 26 April 2006 03:26:53

Mr Tasmania's family is lovely ... as are his friends ... it was also lovely to see how much they think of him. I had a number of little conversations 'to the side' as it were in which I got a bit of an insight into how they value him .... always a good thing to find out about one's loved one ;)

After being picked up from the airport (landrover parked directly outside the front door, about 15 metres from the runway - we're in the country people!) on Good Friday night was taken to his house to drop off bags then to the House of Hairdressers, right on the beach, for cheese and dips and lots of wine and lovely friends ... a beautiful welcome to Tassie. They were just so lovely ... and the Somersets, who joined us, are also lovely - smart, funny, and so welcoming.

A visit to the land Mr Tasmania owns was undertaken and it's gorgeous, beautiful view, lovely lovely lovely (can you tell I grew up on acreage?)

Hobart was beautiful (and the shopping was great!) ... Marrawah (sp?) was gorgeous (this was the surfing day .... I took two mags and book and didn't read a page ... those who know me will know that this means that I was enjoying myself muchly!) ... the weather was interesting ... but where I grew up gets colder so it suits me :) (as long as my feet are warm I'm happy) ... Wynyard, Burnie, Devonport, all great and lovely people too ... so many things to do/see in the future as well, it's quite exciting.

Almost too many things/people/places to mention ... but basically, I loved Tassie, I loved the little town, I loved the beach, I loved the family and the friends, and I love him .... so, you could say this holiday turned out very very well!