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Date: 04 August 2008 21:31:07

Phoned The Sheriff for his birthday this morning - he's 5! I can't quite come to grips with that, he's almost old enough to start school - in fact WILL be starting school next year! I'm a bit sad that I wasn't there for his birthday party ... but I guess that's just how it is when you're 1200km's away! About the only one who's birthday I'll get to is Blue Eye's, who has his birthday in early January, when we'll still be up there for our Christmas hols .. and if we're lucky we'll combine that The Pudding's birthday (he's late January and will be turning 2, so won't care if his party is early!)

Anyhoo, The Sheriff was very happy to have a chat then he hung up on me :)... which I guess is an advance of just leaving the phone off the hook! I phoned back a little later and he answered (expecting some other birthday calls obviously, as he's the man of the moment :), turned to his mum and said it's Aunty Lis again! ... too funny!!!!

I had a chat with The Sheriff's Deputy (her name is being changed to The Amazon Princess - she's most definitely her mother's daughter!), who was excited to tell me about her fairy costume (she's very cute).

The Sheriff left me a VERY excited message on my mobile a little later on ... he'd been to the Post Office and picked up his big parcel from Tasmania and was super excited about all his presents - in fact was attempting to play/wear/use all of them at once from what I could gather!

So, Aunty Lis has managed to get it right most definitely! I love buying presents for people but it's even more fun when they really really really love them!