More random thoughts of Tasmania

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Date: 28 April 2006 00:18:27

Did I mention the sun on the Derwent River in Hobart? I thought of it again this morning as I watched Grant Denyer, the weather guy on Sunrise (morning show on Channel 7 NSW) talking to the Tasmanian Targa competitors with a backdrop of the Derwent. It's wide, it's flat, it's lovely!

Other parts of Hobart I loved - aside from Mr Tasmania's gorgeous niece and her lovely hubby and too cute kiddy (yes, he's a great-uncle - remember he's the youngest of six kids, you get that in the big families!): Salamanca .... sandstone, cobblestones, seagulls (no splats thank goodness), artisan workshops - the most BEAUTIFUL silver ring unfortunately it had a cognac diamond - not into dark yellow stones but still beautiful, lovely cafe's, cute little shops, open plaza's ... can't wait to go back and spend a few days and do the famous Salamanca Markets! What else .... Rizzoni's Italian Restaurant .... gotta love Hobart, it's on one of the main drags and we got parking right outside the door! Too funny for this Sydney gal! Food was fabulous - and the prices! well, let's just say they weren't Sydney prices but they were definitely a restaurant that would get a huge clientele anywhere in this snobby foody city! (don't get me wrong, Sydney food is excellent - but some of the restaurants/chefs are just ever so slightly up themselves!)

It feels so fresh and clean and lovely, it's a beautiful city, I'm looking forward to spending more time there - especially because it will be in the company of Mr Tasmania - the cherry on the cupcake :)