Burning, Burning, Burning

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Date: 29 April 2006 13:03:03

That's what I've done today, not as much as I would have liked as the atmosphere was 'down' as we like to say, so the clumps of 'cutty grass'(otherwise known as lomandra or that blasted weed!) did not take off like a rocket and spread themselves as they are wont to do.... but it was still fun, satisfying, and I ended up smelling like I'd been dragged through a bonfire - excellent!

You may have guessed from this that I am not in Sydney ... they do not appreciate backyard bonfires in the bustling metropolis that is Sydney (though I have fond memories of my grandfather's incinerator in days gone by!). I am down on the family acreage, having pootled off early(ish) this morning with Deeleea for a nice day or two the 'real' air .... and the Ozwibmeetthingo tomorrow arvo! Looking forward to that greatly :) but in the meantime enjoying visiting with the parents (3rd time in a week!), burning things, checking out the farm, eating hot chips, eating lamb chops, eating roast vegies, and going to bed early .... I know it's 10pm but if I"m in bed before midnight that's early for me :) (sorry, I'm a morning AND a night person - my family hates it!).

Autumn in the Highlands is beautiful so happy to be here and not in Sydney, where I would be doing joyous things like cleaning the pool, vacuuming the floor, putting out the bins .... oooo, quick, which weekend option should I choose?

Deeleea has spent much of this afternoon/evening studying (this is what happens when you work on a 'big thing' and then waft off to NZ!) but is quite happily doing so, she's a very easy houseguest ... I think my parents are very easy hosts too, they take no offence if guests come and say hi and then disappear to their rooms - as long as they know where the food and the tea/coffee making bizzo's are then I think they figure they'll be fine - grown adults and all that stuff ....

Enough blah blah blah, I've got blogs to read!