Answered Prayers

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Date: 01 May 2006 00:26:07

Not for me (well yes, for me, but in this case not, if you understand me ... good luck on that!)

Anyhoo .... those of you in the Northern Hemispherical bit of the world (though that does depend on what direction in space you're looking at it from you understand ... we could very well be on top to most of the universe!) may well have missed a drama which has been going on in Tasmania for the last 5 days or so ... 3 miners trapped 1km underground in the BEaconsfield mine.

One was found a couple of days ago, unfortunately he had been killed during the seismic activity which caused a massive cavein. Last night came the news that the other two miners have been found, alive, and in good spirits (first question, after hellos etc, was what was the footy score - classic). It's an absolute miracle, they are 1km underground, both men stuffed into a cage approx 1.5m x 1.5m, no food, but high humidity and water on the rocks (apparently it's a very wet mine) so they are hungry but not thirsty - and COMPLETELY uninjured ... not even a scratch! As the mum of one said ... He doesn't just work miracles above the ground!

So, it's still a bit process to get them out, involving lots of tunneling and dangerous work, anything from 12 - 48 hours worth .... but renewed strength and hope now that they know it's a rescue not a removal mission.