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Date: 01 May 2006 00:30:50

I think it's my favourite restaurant/pub in the world (so far) .... not just familiarity, or the fabulous potatoes (though I could quite happily go and just eat a plateful of them!), or the fantastic rump steak (I made it myself mum!), or the amazing chocolate mousse (The Amazon is in love with the hazelnut torte - seriously!) ... they're not 3 star or 4 star, or 2 hats or 6 hats or any of that pretentious foody guff ... it's just easy, relaxed, warm, noisy but not too noisy, has great food, good salads, reasonable prices ($22.50 inclusive for large rump steak, selection of beautiful original fresh salads, roasted vegies, THE POTATOES, and buns ... and $7.50 desserts!), suits anybody (everything from tracky dacs (that's sweat pants to the non ozzies) to overpriced (and definitely out of place) baggy leather pants to suits on Sunday pm, plus it's still a local pub .... love it love it love it - I should do publicity for them!

Can't wait to take Mr Tasmania!

I do love him more than the potatoes ....