The wiblers

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Date: 01 May 2006 00:49:07

Wouldn't want you to think I just loved the place! The company waas awesome as well! Semele's hair is FABULOUS, love it, looks so good :) and the boyfriend is pretty cute too! and a lovely guy to boot!!

Ian the almost on time :) ... told us he'd be half an hour late ended up being 4 minutes late :) v funny .... is hilarious as always and so interesting - always enjoy talking to him.

Dee ... well, as she said, 'part of the family' ... not an enormous amount of people that I take down to the parents place ... the 1 1/2 trip usually sorts the sheep from the goats if you get my drift ... if I can't take the drive I certainly can't take them for a weekend!

A good mix of people and personalities I think .... missed the Yay and would have loved to have met The Curate ... one day!