Lamb Kebabs (thanks yay!)

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Date: 02 May 2006 00:35:54

Yay has just reminded me of the best meal I've had this year :)

On the last day of my holiday with Mr Tasmania, Sunday 23 April, just before he had to fly back to Tassie (in case you missed it, I flew to Tassie on Good Friday, but we both came back up on the Thursday after - that's the 20th for you Orthodoxian type readers - so we had a couple of days in NSW - not quite in Sydney 'cause we went to the family acreage for the day on the Saturday ... enough explanation?)

Aaaaaanyway .... as Mr Tasmania knows his way around the beaches a heck of a lot better than me (I've only lived here for 6 years ... obviously in a hole) he took me to Chickens Plus in Mona Vale (wait, it's better than it sounds!) which is a lovely new chicken shop, beautiful salads, flat screen tv above the door, lots of outside tables, beautiful. We ordered the lamb kebab (for Semele, Ian and Yay's benefit, it was gorgeous roast lamb, sour cream, tabouli, and hommos - drippy but very very yummy!).

Then up to the Warriewood headland [ - check image 097, thanks Dee!!], which has the most fabulous views! It was a perfect perfect Autumn afternoon ... about 24C, tiny little breeze, lots of surfers (which made for a little moaning from my surfer boy but not too much), one of my nan's crocheted rugs, the sunday papers, hard to beat.

Unfortunately his flight was at 2:40pm so had to leave, when we could have spent the entire afternoon there ... but still beautiful and memorable.