Distance is hard

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Date: 04 May 2006 01:13:02

You may remember from a previous post (or have worked it out from knowing that I"m in Sydney and he, as his name suggests, is in Tasmania) that I am 1200km away from my beloved.

Most of the time we cope ... we've got the communication part of the relationship down - we can and do talk about just about everything and understand each other pretty well I think.

Other times its just really really hard.

Last night he was at home in bed when I rang at 9:30pm ... he'd had a long cold day, football excursion with the kids he trains, it rained, it hailed, it snowed!!! (we had perfect 23C Autumn weather in Sydney!), the bus ride was almost 2 hours late back to school, it was just a really tiring day (that's just one of the things people who think teachers are overpaid and underworked don't take into consideration!!!! ... don't get me started on THAT topic!). All I wanted to do was be there ... as you would.

But I can't be there ...

And it's a bugger sometimes, it really is!