Things that happened on my birthday ('cause it's all about me!)

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Date: 04 May 2006 07:27:01

I've snagged this idea from Denise over on blogspot ... she won't mind I'm sure 'cause she borrowed it from someone else :)

Go to wikipedia and enter the Day and Month of your birth (not the year). Choose 3 events, 2 birthdays, and 1 death ....

So ... 14 October .... (1970, just to show you I still don't care if people know how old I am!)

3 events
1582 - Due to the implementation of the Gregorian calendar this day does not exist in this year in Italy, Poland, Portgual and Spain. (yikes!)
1926 - The children's book, Winnie-the-Pooh, by A.A. Milne, is first published. (love it, one of my favourites)
1963 - The term 'Beatlemania' is coined by the British press to desscribe the scene at the previous night's performance by The Beatles on the TV (how cool is my birthday!!!!!)

2 birthdays
1927 - Roger Moore, English actor (how cool, 007!!!!)
1940 - Cliff Richard, British singer (maybe not so cool, but I like him!)

1 death
1977 - Bing Crosby, American singer and actor (b. 1903) (just because I like him!)

I think I have ever so slightly overused the word 'cool' .... but I don't care!

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