7 sleeps to go!

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Date: 05 May 2006 02:50:06

And then I pick Mr Tasmania up at the airport. He's flying in for the weekend to celebrate his birthday .... I don't think I'm allowed to tell you how old he is .... not much more than me really!

It's going to be a fabulous weekend :)

In the meantime I've got nothing planned in particular ... a brief outing with The Valkyrie to www.thetearoom.com.au (Gunner's Barracks) to check out their morning tea ... i have an idea it will be scarily expensive so we may well have a quick squiz, take some pics of the view, and then retreat to Mosman for a cuppa and a quick burl around the shops ....

Other than that it will be pool cleaning, vacuuming, washing, domestics ... and taking the bike for an outing (it will survive, I may not!) ... quite nice not to have anything really to do. Oh, of course church will be involved at some point .. probably 8am on Sunday ... though possibly 6pm on Saturday .... depends if I'm on a roll or not ... I'll be sleeping in Saturday so won't need one on Sunday ... hmmm .... choices .....

Must admit I do like a church where I have choices of service which cover a couple of days!