3 sleeps to go :)

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Date: 09 May 2006 01:26:30

yes, he's nearly here ... and I think that's why I'm having trouble doing anything constructive at work ... 'cause he's nearly here!

It's a bit quiet at work actually, after having had 3 months of flat out work ... this week is a bit quiet ... a nice breather ... but I think we've become so used to running at full tilt that we're all a bit stuck now ... not that I'm really whinging mind you!

I think I'm probably missing my parents a bit too, they've been off gallivanting down the coast, walking with one of their mates while his wife (who has had arthritis problems and can't do the kind of hikes the others do) paints her beautiful watercolours. I did get an SMS from dad the other day (proof they were still alive!) and mum called briefly yesterday (from the top of a mountain, the only place she's had mobile coverage!) ... but not quite the same as ringing up for a bit of a chinwag ... I'd probably talk to either one of them, even if just briefly, at least every second day .... so 8 days is along time :)

ah well, they'll be home tonight and I'll catch up on all the news (hopefully they'll tell me it rained in their area while they were away ... NSW is still very much drought stricken) ... and I'll see them on Sunday for Mother's Day ...