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Date: 10 May 2006 00:30:51

Just realised I forgot to update on the Gunner's Barracks - I am also number 4 on a google search under that name, how funny! Anyway, it was awesome, just beautiful, but we didn't have morning tea because it's so popular you have to book ... as we were driving along I realised the location looked very familiar to me ... and it finally struck me! I had come there about 25 years ago with my grandfather and my brothers, on one of the day excursions he used to take us on when we'd come up to Sydney for the school hols ... back then it was mouldering away in the bush, kind of deserted, but really fun! Gun emplacements carved out of living sandstone, gum trees, amazing view of Sydney and the harbour, just great great fun .... and now it's being done up, turned into a tourist attraction/restaurant complex/high class artist colony type thingo, as well as preserving the historical site of the actual emplacements .... and it looks like they're doing a beautiful job. It was great fun and I'm definitely going back!

The Valkyrie and I thoroughly enjoyed bopping around Mosman for the rest of the day too ... we were there so long we had breakfast and lunch and almost afternoon tea! Lots of fun ... she showed me some of her favourite shops, I spent money, she didn't, situation normal for us!