Vacuum Cleaners

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Date: 11 May 2006 06:14:11

My little vacuum cleaner died last night ... it has lost it's suck ....

I'm not too bothered by that, it was a cheapy and has done sterling work for over 4 years now ... what really hacked me off was that 'somehow' it had died between one flatmate using it and me using it ... yet another domestic applicant mystery in the House of Girls! I'm just really cheesed off that they didn't tell me about it ... if they'd just said 'Hey there, the vacuum cleaner died mid-suck" I would have said b*g$#r or something similar and we would have jointly bought another cheapy. But nobody told me ... and Mr Nobody was using it last ....

So, Miss Lisa had a spack (as was cheesed off with household in general already before vacuum cleaner incident - and no, it's not PMT!) and told said household, via the noticeboard, that she would be purchasing a lovely new vacuum cleaner by herself, for herself, on the morrow ... and if the house wanted to buy a new vacuum cleaner from the kitty they could and who was volunteering to go and buy it 'cause it sure as heckfire wasn't Miss Lisa!

I felt a lot better after that :)

And, it being aforementioned 'morrow' I have purchased a lovely new Dyson vacuum ... it's yellow, it has a telescopic arm, it all folds in and around itself and ends up very small and put-away-able ... and it was expensive and nobody else is going to use it, I don't care how much they beg and if their rooms need a machete to get through the doorway - the dash has been done and they just have to live with it.

And now I'm very happy :) .... and hopefully people will inform me when they break things in future.

Here endeth the lesson entitled "What hacks Miss Lisa off".

Thank you for your attention.