Of Tasmanians and Vacuum Cleaners

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Date: 12 May 2006 00:04:49

The Tasmanian is almost on his way ... he teaches this morning then runs away at midday to drive to Launceston to leap onto a plane to arrive in Sydney approx 6:25pm .... I'm just a teensy weensy bit excited ....

The Mighty Dyson (vacuum cleaner) is AWESOME!!!! I said I wanted a vacuum cleaner that could suck the underlay up through the carpet and it just about did! I got stuff out of that carpet that I couldn't have imagined ... who knew there was so much dust down there?! I'm so impressed .... I'm going to vacuum again on Monday! That's twice in a week! And I might even do it three times, just to see if there's anything left - it's so coooooolllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tired - there's the mention of the boy :) ... he was a consultant on the vacuum cleaner purchase (was on the internet in a trice, before I'd even stopped whinging about the old one!)

Deeleea - you can borrow my car anytime as I know you'd tell me if something broke ... I think it's more likely someone would run into you than the other way round though, in which case it's not your fault and c'est la vie :) .... I only get upset at not being told, not from unavoidable 'accidents' .... :)

Ah well, best get the head down and distract myself with accounts - oh yay!