Organisation .... and the Pack Rat Gene (have you got one?)

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Date: 16 May 2006 00:40:55

yep ... organisation ... I'm just 'girding my loins' and taking a few deep breaths 'cause it's all on for the next few months!

Not just wedding bits .... but I will be leaving my job (which means working out job descriptions, writing down all my processes and making allowances for the ones which are not going to be able to be done in quite the same way by someone who is not the boss's sister, discussing with the Broboss what he wants in a new person, advertising, running interviews, training a new person, finalising all the bits I want finished before I leave etc), and moving to Tasmania .... 1200km's away.

The distance isn't a problem, my mum reminded me that when she and dad first married it was a 6 hour drive from where they lived back to Sydney to see both sets of parents ... at least I'll have Mr Tasmania's family within 20mins drive and even with airport waiting times it's still only 4 or so hours to get back to visit my lot (even quicker to see just the Sydney lot).

The problem? or not really a problem, just the stuff to deal with? All my c*ap! I'm 35 ... I have lived by myself or shared accommodation since I was 18 ... I have STUFF! And some of it's really GOOD stuff so I'm not just going to leave it behind or give it to the Salvo's (Salvation Army) (I will be leaving a few couches' behind and a couple of cupboards). It's not a Bad thing, I'm not upset by it, it's actually going to be quite fun, being ruthless and chucking out/giving away bits and bobs ... it's just that I have to do it, not just think about it :). Once I get started, on a roll, it will be over quite quickly ... just a matter of doing it .... actually, I think I'm starting to get excited now ... I might get started tonight!

Funny, I wonder if it's just a girly thing or because I come from a family that is fighting the pack rat gene with all it's might ... but I have lots of things that have been hauled around for years from residence to residence, bedroom to bedroom, just because I have them ... they live in boxes, never seeing the light of day, and never will .... sentimental bits, knick knacks I've been given or thought were cute on a white elephant stall (for 5c!), magazines with interesting stories, mountains of recipes 'I will get to one day' ... if I was moving to a house in Sydney they'd probably just come with ... but I'm moving to Tasmania ....

I'm getting very excited now! Do you think the BroBoss would notice if I went out for a coffee break and didn't come back?

PS .... we booked the church yesterday ..... I'm changing my dad's name from SuperDad to the Sergeant-Major! He's a man with a mission and we don't want to get in his way! :) .... gotta love it that my dad's fully into weddings .... as is Mr Tasmania ... so many men are portrayed as either bumbling about and getting in the way or sitting back wanting nothing to do with it ... these two gorgeous very manly men are both fully getting into the fun of it and the joy of it, for all the right reasons - they both love me ... and I love them both!!! Am I blessed or what!