Date setting etc

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Date: 17 May 2006 00:33:27

It's all go ... we've set the date for 16 December ... :) so now I have a timetable ... wow, how much fun is this!

Thank you to all for your lovely words, much appreciated by both of us, what good friends you all are :) .... sorry no possibilities of having a wedding in the UK :) ... but we will be travelling to the UK in June next year for the wedding of two other friends (The Somersets) so may well be able to hook up with some wibblers then? Hopefully?

And yes, Ian, there are Bunnings in Tasmania ... and plenty of Mitre 10 and other hardware stores ... not to mention shoe stores! so I will be well looked after! Indeed, Mr Tasmania combined my two loves on during my Easter Trip, by rushing me into a local hardware/produce store, sitting me down, and buying me a pair of Blundstone Boots - is this man good or what! Hardware AND shoes .... too good! Not to mention the personal fitting service :) .... funny, I felt very small and petite (which I"m not, abundant would be the word best used to describe me ... with fabulously broad shoulders) ... maybe being demoted from a Size 8 shoe to a Size 5 blundstone boot is what did it!

Okay, back to work, lots to do!!!!!!!!