Of weddings and organisation

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Date: 22 May 2006 05:01:38

I'm a little brain dead today, though am chugging through work quite happily, which is great, achievement is good!

Saturday The Valkyrie and I set out to Peters of Kensington, a fabulous shop in Sydney, to commence the Bridal Registry. It was a very pleasant experience :) which I thoroughly enjoyed ... but a bit of a bu*ger not having Mr Tasmania there ... both because it's for OUR wedding and so I could get his opinion on various items ... we will be going there when he's up here in June though, so I guess it works out. Items which caused me bother were little things such as salt/pepper shakers ... I don't like wooden ones, but what does he like? So I left them off the list ... we can always add them later :)

We then went to Bondi Junction to investigate the big centre there ... which was great, and I bought lots of cheap CD's and some lovely crusty rye bread ... then home. I ended up taking a few plants across to the parents, who were babysitting The Wunderkind for the weekend. I may have mentioned I can't take my plants to Tasmania .. I'm not heartbroken, as they will all go to good homes .. and I get the fun of starting a new garden/or adding to existing gardens - love it!

Sunday was church (in which our engagement notice appeared in the church newsletter - very nice!), then off to Myer (major department store) to start another Bridal Registry. I don't want it to sound like I/we're greedy ... just that they both stock quite different things and cover different areas ... and PoK is known for bargains in areas that Myer cost a fortune ... and it's nice to give people lots of options :). I then had lunch with mum and The Wunderkind, then visited Matchmaker and The Amazon, then finally got home around 6pm ... just about ready for bed! Throughout all this I have wedding plan discussions with parents, both sets of siblings, and constant talking with Mr Tasmania on the mobile. None of which I object to, in fact I'm loving it, but it's tiring! :)

Was very nice to sit down and read the paper last night for an uninterrupted hour .... I will finish it tonight!