chugging along

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Date: 25 May 2006 04:08:36

Not much to report really ...

Chugging along quite nicely at work, aim is to get a lot of things finished/out of the way before I start working on my job description and we can start advertising/interviewing for my replacement.

BroBoss has decided we will be moving the office as well before I go, so am starting to work on that as well.

Flatmate responsible for potential plumbing/expensive debacle as fixed schemozzle and apologised - I will name no names - apology is quite a miracle actually, prayer works! [like you didn't know :)]

Other flatmate who has been spinning out of control for last fortnight has realised that running around in dizzy circles making silly noises is not actually achieving anything and has started doing things ONE THING AT A TIME ... funny how life starts making sense when you just start working your way through each thing ... sufficient unto the day is not such a bad motto!

Wedding things are coming along - we have church, pastor, reception venue, engagement party, engagement notices organised, and I'm pretty sure I've got an invitation design down ... and we've almost settled on the guest list (Mr Tasmania is a very organised bod - hooray!) ... all the other bits are in research, searching stage ... and some decisions made ie we won't (at this point) be having bonbonniere (that's favors to any American's reading) ... I have a beautiful packaging design but can't actually think of anything I want to put in it that isn't cheap, cheesy, or both ... so will just let that one go for the moment unless something fabulous springs to mind at a later date.

Otherwise, life is good, I changed my bedroom around last night and now have a very large area in the middle so that's as good as a holiday ... and it's only 9 sleeps 'tiil Mr Tasmania is here for a WHOLE FORTNIGHT! That's almost as much time as we've spent in each others presence in our whole relationship :) ... can't wait!