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Date: 31 May 2006 00:26:06

oops, sorry about that, I'm so used to hitting enter it just happened!

anyway ... was going to say that I'm not really freaked out ... just a little amazed (and pretty happy about it too)

I did a quick calculation this morning ... I have (or WE have, I should say) 199 sleeps to the wedding ..... WOW!

It's very cool :), I'm very excited .... there's a lot to get done, but my parents are doing an awesome job, and Mr Tasmania and I are chugging along with the rest, one thing at a time, it's all going swimmingly (especially when you consider we've been engaged just 2 1/2 weeks) .... it's all working really well.

I will have to sort something out about a dress sooner rather than later ... but the way everything has been working it's just so easy to see God's hand on the whole thing ... even down to timing of other events in family life which could/will have an impact on wedding arrangements (oddly enough, everyone else's life still goes on despite our wedding .... funny that!), so, while I"m not just expecting the perfect dress to appear on my doorstep, I am confident that I will find the perfect dress without too much trauma. Just as Mr Tasmania will find the prefect suit :)

ah ... God ... honestly, how could you do it without him :)