of sunshine and blue skies

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Date: 16 August 2008 05:08:23

I am basking in sunshine at 1:56pm on Saturday 16 August 2008.

You will understand why I am excited if you check out the tree pics below .. or rather the ex-tree pics! There is no longer a huge layer of shadow over the loungeroom in the afternoons, sunlight is streaming in the windows, I have shirts airing in the spare room, and the heater is OFF!!!

And this is on a day when my husband (who is off on an expedition to the Pieman River, on quadbikes, with 5 mates) has phoned me to say that it is snowing an hour and a half south west.

But I don't care because I'm in sunshine, the sky is blue (and is supposed to stay that way for four days - my entire long weekend in fact!), I have hung out three loads of washing and brought one back in already (first load to actually DRY on the line since first week of June), and I've done heaps of chores (including grossing myself out with the vacuuming) and been to the nursery and bought plants, manure, potting mix, been to the grocery shop, been to the grog shop (mmmmm, cor*nas!) ... and it's only just now 2pm!

So cool, the aim is to get all the chores done by tomorrow lunch then I will have 2 and a half days to do whatever the heck i WANT do - hooray for flex time!!!!!

So, for those gardeners out there ... i bought potting mix and cow manure so I can plant out some geraniums I have struck, as welll as setting up some fuchsias and daisies to strike ... and i'm planting out another 'Purple Blob' succulent (the first one is AWESOME), and will also be planting out some seaside daisies, and a new shrub I'm very excited about. I use the potting mix and manure because we're essentially on sand here so there's not much holding water or anything in the soil ... see Of Compost, below! ... at the moment I'm just adding, adding, adding ... and mulching with pea straw or lucerne hay will be commencing soon too!

The new shrub is a Telopea bush ... you may know of the Waratah, gorgeous red native, however I have discovered in Tasmania the waratah BUSH ... there's a lot around this area, they get to about 2m tall and are covered in Waratahs - gorgeous! So, I've bought one called a Corroboree Waratah (very indigenous), which is supposed to be a gorgeous dark orange red. It's going to go out the front of the shack (they're very hardy and don't even like fertiliser!) in my 'shwubberwy' and should put on a fabulous display during Spring (possibly not this year, but in the future).

I have also bought a plant for the block ... we planted a camellia (courtesy of Mr TAsmania's mum) at the top of our driveway, which just happens to have his mum's name, so I've been on the lookout for a plant containing his dad's name. Looooong story short, I gave up and bought Port Wine Magnolia today which has a variation of his name in it's name (if you look at it sideways) so I may even go up and plant that tomorrow. We're still getting heaps of rain so it'll be watered in nicely!

And now I think I need to go and read the paper for half an hour or so.