Fiance's and M&M's and the Da Vinci Code

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Date: 06 June 2006 02:18:54

Mrs Floored, thanks for the excellent suggestion re M&M's ... the Aussie site doesn't do them, so did you order yours from the US? I tried that site but it doesn't appear to deliver to Oz?

Mr Tasmania arrived Saturday morning ... and we've done heaps since then, but have had a lot of time just to ourselves which has been fantastic :) ... sooooo good to just lie around and read the papers together! This may not seem like much, but when you live 1200km's apart, and usually only have a weekend together .... it's a LOT.

Poottling about on the wedding bits still - have checked out suits and had a quick squiz at dresses ... need to do a bit more on that fairly soon! ... and have the engagement party this saturday at the farm ... nice and casual (and probably cold). I was asked the other day what I would do it it rained on the day (we've had an unseasonably warm Autumn in Sydney and NSW and have suddenly hit Winter with a bang and lots of rain - not in the right place for dam filling but still, it's rain!). I had to answer that I'd rather it was sunny, obviously, but I'm still a country girl ... I just don't have it in me to be upset if it rains ... especially as NSW was 61% drought declared a couple of weeks ago. If it rains at the farm that means it will be raining in Goulburn (they tend to have similar weather systems going through) ... and they have been without water for months ... so I can't really be selfish about it ... though I would prefer sun :)