The Aforementioned Movie

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Date: 06 June 2006 02:24:53

Yes ... okay, I was distracted for a while!

As I was saying ....

Mr Tasmania and I went to see this on Saturday night. I've mentioned before that I enjoyed the book and think the hooha is hilarious ... honestly, not one original idea in the whole thing ... anyway ... it's a talking point, at least, and that's not all bad. The movie was ok ... not one to put on my 'to buy' list .. and won't be going again with a mate or anything like that .... but it wasn't bad. Tom Hanks hair is, as mentioned in the world's press, odd ... but he suited the part I think. It was an oddly paced movie ... slow and fast all at once ... weird ... but I enjoyed it. I even jumped at one point - Mr Tasmania was snoozing at that point and came awake to find me about 6 inches above the seat and on the descent ... very funny :). I did find the ending very sudden ... whether that was because I've read the book and 'knew it' or because it was sudden I"m not sure.

So ... not good, not bad ... my verdict is OK and 4.5/10 ... I do expect more from Ron Howard though ... like he cares :)