Icecreams etc

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Date: 09 June 2006 00:23:46

He sent me a phone pic of him standing on the Byron beachfront, shirt off, eating an icecream ....

Yes, we are still engaged :)

No, really, I'm glad he's having the break ... teachers work full bore, despite the opinion of some (who have usually not taken on a class of 30 15 years olds on a hot summers day - you need danger money for the smell alone!), so I think any holiday is a good one. And I've had to work anyway, so relaxing in Byron, surfing, eating pizza and ice cream is a good thing ... even though I miss him :). But I get him for a week from SAturday night so I should be satisfied!

It's still oddly raining in Sydney - none at the parents place, though forecast to be cold (8C) and possibly raining .. which should be fun if we have to stuff everyone into the house! Ah well, they'll all get to know each other that way :)

As Maddie has mentioned, the bits of paper are getting slightly overwhelming ... best looked at in isolation rather than together ... but things are coming together. I am going dress shopping tomorrow .... I am going by myself because A) mum is busy and can't make it B) the sisters in law might be a bit too much at this early point C) The Valkyrie might also be too much + she's cracked her back up and can't sit for too long and walking hurts + dress shopping may just possibly be slightly traumatic for her ... so, going by myself ... who knows, I might even find the one and come back in triumph! Will be checking out my ideas for bridesmaids dresses too :) Wish me luck!