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Date: 20 June 2006 07:18:09

sorry about that! I meant to come back yesterday and blog a little ... unfortunately a shocking headache struck me down mid morning which necessitated leaving work and heading to bed ... cold shivers etc ensuing ... but recovered now ... I've had it before, and each time have caught it before it developed into something worse - I think migrainish ... I figure I can live without a migraine really!

Anyhoo, all good now :) and charging along catching up on all the work that is piled up on my desk (yikes!).

So, in the last 10 days or so, since 09/06, I have managed to fit in, variously, locating my wedding dress and putting it on layby (1st shop, 3rd dress - $800 off!), made the decision to wear a veil ('cause it was so cute!), organised an alteration date, driven to the 'family acreage' to have the worlds coldest engagement party (but I loved it so I don't care!), spent time with Mr Tasmania and the parents, driven around the NSW South Coast, booked 2 lots of honeymoon locations (first two nights, then remaining 7 nights - and managed to get a bargain on the second set!), come back to Sydney with truckload of engagement booty [people are very generous - it's a weird thing, I give lots of engagement presents but it's funny being on the receiving end :)], have also discussed catering with parents, have checked out marquee and bits to go within (which father has now booked and ordered), Mr TAsmania has sorted his invite list (I'll finish mine this week) .... and all sorts of other little bits and bobs, as well as spending time with various friends in and around this time.

So, phew, it was a great break :) ... actually, I feel very relaxed now, both lifewise and wedding wise. Mr Tasmania and I proved, as if we needed to, that we're a good fit ... we spent a fortnight together and it was FABULOUS ... no arguing, no fussing, not even a heated discussion ... and before anyone gets worried about that I'd hasten to add that we don't agree on all things, far from it ... but we're old enough to realise what's important to jump up and down about and what's just a difference of opinion or viewpoint - most of the time it's not worth starting a war over :) ... as Miss Deeleea will tell you, Miss Lisa is not one to jump off the high horse when one is offered - assuming it's something worth debating about!

Mr Tasmania has booked his flight for December ... so he will be here for the wedding ... always a good thing when the groom is at least in the same state as the bride I think :)