Prayers for protection

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Date: 21 June 2006 01:46:28

If anyone's in the mood I'd appreciate a little prayer for the BroBoss and his family ... The ChiliGirl spent part of last night in hospital on a drip with massive stomach cramps etc and has had little sleep since with migraine ... the BroBoss is down with, we think, the flu ... which of course for a guy who rarely gets sick means that he's got something like the bubonic plague .... not that I"m not sympathetic, but sometimes ...

Anyway, along with all this, we are on enormous deadlines at work, the server was not working when we got into the office (but it is now), and things just keep getting chucked at us ...

So, a little prayer if you have a second would be much appreciated ... it's all attack due to the business expanding etc, so we're praying hard for protection on all of us (The Wunderkind flung himself backwards in his chair yesterday and cracked his head on the wooden floor ... well, thumped it, no skin broken, just massive yelling - no concussion thank the Lord!) ... it's just nice to know that others are with us in prayer :)

Thanks all!