Real Estate Agents are bonkers

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Date: 22 June 2006 08:16:59

I live in a large house, 3 stories high. We have a pool. We have 5 toilets (I may have mentioned this before but, as also mentioned before, in a house with 5 women, it's a good thing). We have a large kitchen, currently inhabited by 3 fridges and an upright freezer.

This large kitchen comes ready furnished with a large oven which has 2 ovens within it, one large, one smaller, side by side, as well as four hotplates on top.

REcently, the oven stopped working. The little man came and fixed one side ... other side still inoperable.

I quote the real estate agent today "do you really need the second side?"



You big doofus! (I didn't say that bit)

Seriously, 5 chicks, we all cook, we all cook seperately, we all have guests over ... yeah, sure, one oven will do ... do you want a couple of hotplates to go with that while you're at it? and why not take away a couple of loos, that'd save the landlord money somehow I'm sure.

I mean, it's not like we're paying a fortune in rent .... oh sorry, my mistake, YES WE ARE!!!!

and you can't even manage to inspect the place every six months ... good grief.