I got the shoes!

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Date: 26 June 2006 00:28:58

I have had a full on action weekend, I will not bore you with all the details, suffice it to say it included dragging beds, bookshelves, chairs etc up on to the kerb in front of our house for the twice yearly council cleanup ... very satisfying! I am now sleeping on a mattress on the floor, but it means that I won't have to think about getting rid of my scungy old wooden single bed in December ... I do have a beautiful queen size bed, currently in pieces at my parents house, but if I had that in the room I live in I wouldn't be able ot fit anything else in ... so back to single bed it was, at the ripe old age of 29 - sad!

anyhoo, done that, updated the bridal registry, spent Saturday bopping about beautiful Sydney on a gorgeous 20degC sunny Sydney Winter day (ha!), and visited the Bridal Shoe Shop - hooray :). The Valkyrie showed me where it was and we pootled on it, and tried on 1 pair ... yep, that's one pair ... and put 'em on layby! I'm very impressed with myself :)

We then ducked upstairs to 'A Bride's Blessing' (blerg, what a name ... but the shop is awesome and the staff are FABULOUS!!!!! - recommend them to anyone in Oz who wants to organise a fuss free wedding!!!) and checked out the 'alternate' bridesmaid dress ... you see, one of my four bridesmaids will be 7.5 months pregnant on the wedding day, so the separates originally chosen just will not work :)

Ah, just a little bump (well, it will be a big bump) ... means I've slightly changed my colour ideas too ... from 4 in one colour to 2 in 1 colour and 2 in another colour ... different tones of the same colour but I think it will look great :)