of more blue skies

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Date: 17 August 2008 00:09:36

This is the first time we've had two blue sky mornings (I won't say days yet, it's only 9am!) in a row in what seems like MONTHS!

So, as JD has spent most of the night running around the backyard barking at the moon (it's almost full) I'm going to skip taking him for a walk, gather all my bits and bobs, and head up to our block to plant the aforementioned Magnolia. I wouldn't need to take much, as we have spades, watering cans etc in the shed, but Mr Tasmania has all the keys with him in the Landrover ... and even if I did have the keys (we really must get around to getting a set cut for me) I can't open the shed door. It needs to be lifted slightly higher (It's big enough for a bus to fit through) and then I will be able to move it .. at this moment in time, even though I'm a very strong girl I'm just not strong enough.

ah well, nothing like clambering over a gate to add to the adventures of the day :)