Warning! Possible goopiness ahead!

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Date: 27 June 2006 00:35:21

I just want to say a huge thankyou and give a big virtual hug and kiss to my beautiful fiance, Mr Tasmania.

I had a shocker yesterday evening, I've just had it with my flatmates ... 3 of whom couldn't organise their way out of a paper bag, and if I wasn't doing stuff for them ... anyway ... we won't go into all that.

That idea is that I'm starting the changeover for when I leave ... and I'm biting my tongue and repeatinging the word 'grace' to myself far more frequently than I used to! I rang Mr Tas for a whinge and a moan last night ... and he was so lovely and patient and kind ... and absolutely the most supportive person imaginable. Am I blessed or what!

I had a really bad night's sleep - should have just got up and watched the Australia/Italy game - but, after talking to him again this morning, I'm feeling a lot better and have made a few decisions as to how to proceed. It's partly because I'm preparing to leave so I'm sorting through stuff and trying to organise it, and partly 'cause it's been a great house for me over the years and I'll miss it ... and I guess partly because I've got a hell of a lot on my plate at the moment. But, one thing at a time, make lots of notes, and smile at everyone!

I am so glad (that really doesn't say enough but you know what I mean) that I have this beautiful man in my life - and I've got him forever :)