Can I go home yet?

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Date: 28 June 2006 06:26:53

No real reason, work is fine, it's just that it's a really nice afternoon, and I've got lots to do and I'd rather do them in daylight ... I HATE the early dark in Winter, the Yugoslav in me comes out at this point, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE daylight savings time!

I don't think I have S.A.D. but maybe little tinges of it .... do you know how excited I was to find out Tasmania has daylight savings time running for longer than New South Wales? Very!

Another sign (like I needed any) that I'm meant to move there :)

Oh yes ... that football thingo ... best comment at least once on it ... um ... we did really well to get there .... Guus Hiddinck ROCKs ... Harry Kewell is seriously cute ... Lucas Neill is an AWESOME player .... that ref really sucked .... that Italian guy DEFINITELY took a dive (no, I'm not a soccer international BUT I spent many many many many far too many years watching brothers playing - U5's - U16 Rep sides + played myself for a little while ... so, not an expert BUT who needs to be when it's that obvious?) ... I think most Aussies are pretty satisfied with where we got to though ... top 16 is great ... and you know how competitive we are, so you've had your warning soccer world ... look out in the next World Cup, 'cause it's all ours - better get used to the idea now :)

Ok, better get back to the work I'm being paid for .... seriously, I'd really rather be out in the sun ... ah well .....