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Date: 29 June 2006 00:15:55

Chucking out stuff is tremendously satisfying, don't you think?

Not that I've been throwing much in the actual rubbish ... it's council cleanup this weekend, as I think I mentioned previously, and I'm still on a roll :) Woke up at 6am and leapt out of bed, raced into the garage, turned on the lights (yes, still dark), and proceeded to take the following up the hill to the kerb (garage is on my level of the house, ie 2nd level - our three story house is three story's downhill - top floor is on road level, another driveway leads down to second level, bottom level is accessed either internally or via another stairway around the side of the house and past the pool) ... 1 8 drawer chest of drawers, 6x dining chairs, 1x large glass urn with large crack in it, 20+ assorted small terracotta pots/saucers, 3x blue glass pots - medium, 1x green office chair - squeaky, 1x bar stool - old, 1x pair of blue flippers. took me nearly an hour but it felt great to get it all done - and there's a lot more room in the garage now, and the pile of stuff I have to sort through before I move looks a great deal smaller, which is very encouraging!

Whoever gets me in WISE might get a bonus once I start going through things - never know your luck!