168 sleeps to go ....

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Date: 03 July 2006 03:57:00

So, what did Miss Lis do on her weekend in the country?

She lugged boxes.

And bags

and bookcases

And beds

and mats

And more boxes (of books - my parents are teachers and we've also had a heck a lot of books in our house our whole lives)

And more boxes

And then .... she unscrewed things ... flyscreens, curtain rail holders, picture hooks, doors

and then she lugged some more things

And then she came home.

All the while, whilst she was lugging, she was wondering if the creaking noises of the steps to the second floor of the condemned granny flat was louder than it used to be BTID (before termite infestation discovery).

Then she decided to ignore it. After all, if something started to fall down, she had a handy, termite infested, honeycomb wall to FLING HERSELF THROUGH!

Anyhoo .. in the midst of all that, had a nice time with the parents, discovered lots of treasures amidst the lugging, and received another engagement present :)

And worked on toning up her arms and upper body, as well as remembering to be a good little girl and lift with her legs not her back (thus maintaining her place as the only family member never to have suffered a back problem other than the odd softball grand final induced twinge)

the end