BUT only 11 until I go to Tassie for the weekend :)

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Date: 03 July 2006 06:45:40

I'm just a little bit excited...

On a lighter note ... I"m vacuuming tonight.

I know, not generally reason for excitement. however, I am getting out the Dyson .... my new vacuum cleaner ... my super dooper sucking the underlay through the carpet bagless vacuum cleaner :)

The carpet on the top floor of the house won't know what's hit it ... and it may not survive the process ... which might be interesting as we have a house inspection by the real estate agent on Wednesday ... but then again, last time we told her that the upstairs carpet was deteriorating so badly that the action of walking on it was separating it and causing holes, she sent us a handyman who fixed it ... by putting strips of silver gaffer tape over the holes .... so maybe vast holes caused by vacuuming might turn out to be a good thing ...