No holes ...

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Date: 04 July 2006 00:18:34

but it's very clean! Luckily two of the housemates were in the kitchen to see me empty out what I sucked out of the carpet ... and were appropriately grossed out. I don't know if they will work out that the fact that I pulled that much stuff out is basically because they are crap at vacuuming ... not just because the Dyson is AWESOME!!!

anyway ... it's done ... and I washed the kitchen and hallway floors this morning so they'd dry while we were all at work - hopefully, it's raining, so they might still be damp ... but at least they're clean - yay Domestos!

I'll do it again before the 13 July changeover of duties just so I know it's done properly.

Ah well .... One is dealing with a mum who has a terminal cancer diagnosis, another has had a job promotion and is unbelievably busy, another is away for a fortnight, and the other has just broken up with the non-Christian boyfriend and is in massive trauma about it (and the rest of us think it's the right thing, he's not the right guy [though perfectly nice], the right guy will come along and be vastly more amazing, and God's will is in it ... but she's heartbroken and convinced he is the guy she is supposed to marry ... so we'll see ... a few prayers in that direction would be good, as she's struggling) .... so I guess I can possibly cut them some slack

'cause my life is not busy at all of course :)