of still blue skies

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Date: 17 August 2008 07:38:10

yep, except for about half an hour through the middle of the afternoon, when the snow clouds came over, it's been a gorgeous blue day. The breeze is cold but if you can get out of it the sun has been magical.

So, I planted the magnolia, hopefully it will grow nicely in that spot. I've also planted (at the shack) out another purple blob, some daffodils (already sprouting) that I got cheaply (not one single clue as to what type they are!), some geraniums I struck about 6 months ago (in place of one of our miniature Kangaroo Paws, in a gorgeous blue pot - the yellow one has essentially karked it, the red one is going nuts - and I put the deadish one in the garden so it might revive), and some viola and poppy seeds.

I think tomorrow I will try to concentrate on the daisy bank (otherwise known as a big pile of grass!) and planting seeds (flowers and vegies) ... my garden is going to become the classic Sydney wog garden that I grew up with and that my aunt still grows - spinach growing amongst the roses ... or in my case zucchini and pumpkin vines among the daisies and geraniums.

Mr Tasmania is on his way home ... apparently an enormous amount of Tasmanian West Coast mud is coming with him.