House Inspection

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Date: 04 July 2006 23:48:12

I don't know why they bother me so much ... I guess because so much of this is out of my control ie the flatmates not even bothering to tidy up ... the one who has an RDO* deciding that she's not available(!) to be there when the agent comes so I have to use up part of my overtime leave to be there .... the one who owns the cat saying she'd organise her to be out of the house (we're not supposed to have pets) and then deciding it's all too hard and leaving to another flatmate to organise (because she's on the GOLD COAST for two weeks) ... At least the other flatmate (who has been away) is just as p'd off as me with the others.

And to think this morning I said I'd get up and wouldn't moan about them!

Anyhoo ... it's vacuumed ... my area is clean ... the kitchen is clean ... the cat stuff is all out of sight (and the poor cat chucked out for the day) ... I guess I just have to deal with it.

Honestly, I don't think it'll be a problem, it never has before! I mean, the agent knows that the carpet was done on the cheap by the original builder (30 years ago!) and is therefore falling apart when you walk on it .. nice .. so we can't be blamed for that! And we've put new curtains up ... and the kitchen is washed ....

I guess I just don't like strangers commenting on 'my' space!

*Rostered Day Off