busy busy busy!

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Date: 11 July 2006 06:39:56

yes, we are moving ... and that would be work moving not Tasmania moving ... so, busy today organising all the things you have to do before you can do the other things you have to do .. it's a bit of a circle but I think eventually something will snap and we'll be good to go on nearly everything at once!

It's exciting though ... I'm in two minds whether to be glad I'm here to help do it or bummed that I'm here to do it :) ... the new office will be great though, and it's near the shops in Mosman! (this could be good OR bad I'm not quite sure yet :) ... get back to me when I've spent all my honeymoon money!)

[don't worry Mr Tas, when you read this, I wouldn't do that!]

Off to get the hair recoloured tonight ... looking a little tiger striped!