I love 5RB

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Date: 11 July 2006 23:54:30

That would be approximately the combination of chemicals The Amazon poured on my head last night to come up with the colour I now have :)

I normally have medium brown hair, with goldy bits and silvery bits (that would be the greys) ... which I actually quite like :) BUT I've always had ahankering for dark red hair ... and the best part? It works with my skin, how cool is that! I have quite pale skin, and mostly green eyes, so the red looks quite cool I think ... and I don't care if anybody else doesn't like it I love it!

And I love that I have not only a hairdressing sister in law but that Mr Tasmania appears to have made it his life's mission to collect hairdressers ... I think he has about 7 friends at this point who are hairdressers ... so, I should have no probs in Tassie finding a good hairdresser!