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Date: 12 July 2006 06:25:27

I love cake ... but I'm not going to write about eating it, 'cause I can't actually remember the last time I had a nice slice of rich chocolate fudge cake ...

anyhoo ... I had a phone call from the lady, to be known as the South Pacific Princess, who I hoped would do our wedding cake - and she's really excited to do it for us! She has done a lot of cakes for special occasions for my family over the years so it's nice to keep up with the tradition :) - she also has an amazing talent for sugar creations - flowers, animals etc ... which is not actually giving you a clue about the cake so don't get excited!

Or maybe you can ... any suggestions for an 'aussie cake topper' ... definitely not for use just for fun? Especially love to hear from OS readers ... come on, tell me what you think a 'typical' Aussie wedding cake topper should be .... wombat in tails and bow tie? Kangaroo in a veil? couple of Tassie devils in a battle? A dunny? ... let you imagination run free!

The South Pacific Princess was also, for her sins, the teacher of the BroBoss in 2nd grade ... and hence worked with my dad and mum during their careers ... and has been a good family friend for years ...