I'm back ... and almost compos mentis

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Date: 17 July 2006 01:44:25

or should that be compost mental?

anyway, it was a great weekend, FAR FAR FAR too short, and I miss my boy immensely ... will give more details later, we're moving office this weekend, I have many things to do between now and then, and I am also meeting all four bridesmaids in the city on Saturday to order their outfits and do bridesmaidy things ... as well as packing up all my belongings, trying to swim/walk etc to continue the fitness program, meeting with at least one friend for lunch (gotta use those lunch hours for more than just sitting in the park eating! otherwise I see no one!) ... and so it goes on ... but I'm happy and it's mostly fun :) and the new office will be great for all of us (besides being close to shops and 2 minutes walk from a 2x cinemas!) and Mr Tasmania is SO worth all the rest!