of swimming and other things ....

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Date: 18 July 2006 02:21:06

32 laps last night ... not bad as I started two weeks ago with 16 ... that's 25m laps so only 800m, aiming to do a KM by end of this week ... water was 27.7C last night, very nice!

Love swimming, lots of people bag it 'cause it's not 'aerobic' exercise ... I say, how slowly are you swimming for goodness sakes? I guess all that huffing and puffing the Olympic swimmers do at the end of a race is just for show? (not that I'm comparing myself to an Olympian, but I'm sure you follow my drift!)

Anyway combination of swimming and walking seems to be working for me .. if nothing else I feel good!

And in the office? well, it's another day of organisation ... i just got back from hanging out in the new office and talking to the lady who is organising our security system ... and a little wander around the area .. not quite sure where I'll be parking yet but I'll work that out eventually ....

so, it's all go, still packing, have done up the goodie bags for my bridesmaids on SAturday ... I'm giving them all the same perfume I wear so we can match for the wedding ... I was going to buy miniatures but God is good and the shop where I bought the bottles was having a massive sale ... so I got 5 full size bottles for close to the price I'd normally pay for 2!!!! $40 each instead of $115 ... and this week they've gone up to $77 each - still a bargain if I was just buying 1 bottle but last week was definitely the week to buy 5 (that includes one for me too ;))

okay, back to work, too much to do!

oh, PS ... Mr Tasmania and I realised on the weekend that it's only 5 months until we get married - yikes! This year has gone exceptionally fast! But that's good as far as I'm concerned, the faster the better!