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Date: 19 July 2006 04:00:40

BUT I took time out last night to go see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 ... and I LOVED it ... I'm an escapist film watcher, when I'm there I'm totally there, get lost in it, get caught up in the whole thing (this is possibly as a result of being taken to see Star Wars in 1977, at age 7, in pyjamas under tracksuits ..... ) ... anyhoo, loved it, it was fabulous and SO funny ... a couple of people have said to me that they didn't think it was as funny as the first - I found it funnier actually ... but there a lot of 'pirate' in jokes, which I think a steady diet of "Boys Own Adventure" and various pirate books/movies as a young girl have helped me with ... see, I knew there was value in Biggles books!!!

Oh yes, I have a Biggles obsession (just warning you Mr Tasmania!) ... I collect old hardcover copies ... would prefer first editions but seriously, in Australia? Not showing up very often ... but at least early '60s, and 50's .... speaking of which, i must update my list, I'm going to have a whole new state of second-hand/antique etc bookshops to go hunting in - hooray!

hmmm ... must also update lists of Malcolm Saville, TinTin, Asterix & Obelix, Pollyanna, Girls Own .... actually, that list is really long ... maybe one Sunday afternoon when I have some free time ... say .... in August 2008.